Exceptional CoffeeExceptional Coffee

Exceptional Coffee


We are committed to maximising the potential of the beautiful coffees we supply; they reach us from select producers dedicated to quality. Our USP? Freshness is absolutely key. We roast week to week and buy seasonally and responsibly. Enjoy incredible coffee knowing that it is sourced ethically and roasted with both expertise and passion.
Best Before

Best Before

Take a look at the last beans you purchased, do they tell you when they were roasted? Or simply the 'Best Before' date. Coffee is usually found in the ambient section of the supermarket, but, like the majority of food and drink items - fresh is best. When Coffee is roasted, it is at it's peak from one week after roast for around twelve weeks. After the first few months the coffee is still good - but it can never be as great as when it was first roasted.
Single Origin or Blend?

Single Origin or Blend?

We work directly with growers we know and trust to source coffee from farms that promote agroforestry techniques and social responsibility, not just to sustain but to improve how things work. Single Origin: If you are a coffee connoisseur, choose from our unique range of Single Origin beans - roasted to a medium roast, allowing you to really savor the unique taste of the region, the altitude and the soil. Blends: Created by our in-house coffee expert, blends are generally enjoyable to a wider range of customers - full-flavoured utilising the expertise of both the selection and the roasting process.

Eco Friendly

Good coffee shouldn't cost the environment - we have taken many steps to be a friend to the environment and we are committed to keep improving.
> Our facilities are committed to low energy use with LED lighting and Air Source Heat Pumps among many other measures > Our Direct Heat roasting machinery recycles the heat produced and is up to 80% more economical than other roasters > The packaging we use for our products is recyclable > We use Royal Mail and DPD to ship our goods - both have excellent sustainability policies > Our print Point of Sale and Marketing materials are printed on FSC certified papers
Meet the founder

Meet the founder

This is the bit that's meant to be really "professional" - well, instead, I'd just like to be straight with you. I survived COVID-19 after spending over a month in Colchester General Hospital ICU. I was in a coma for more than two weeks and, frankly, it was hell. I decided that I wanted to change my life, to use the skills that I had in advertising to do something I was passionate about. I love coffee. So, long story short, here we are. I spent a year finding the best products, developing our range and building The Old Chapel Coffee Company Ltd - now here we are with our first online store and we're actively looking for stockists... please get in touch, I'd love to share more about my story and perhaps supply you with some fantastic coffee that you're sure to love.
We haven't forgotton youWe haven't forgotton you

We haven't forgotton you

What our customers say...

"You can tell how fresh the coffee is by the quality of the crema - sublime!"
"Thank you for processing my order so quickly, I received my order very quickly and I'm very impressed with the quality" "I love the El Salvador beans - can you set up a subscription service? so I can have them every month?"
Our office

Our office

If you'd like to visit, please call us first to make sure we're around.
The Old Chapel Coffee Company Ltd
The Chapel, Chequers Rd, Little Bromley, Manningtree, Essex CO11 2QE
Open daily
10:00 AM — 6:00 PM Monday - Friday